The Closetastrophe

16 05 2011

Real Simple is the magazine I’ve been waiting for all my life. It has everything – fashion, cooking, decorating, money, organizing. Not to mention, I love the simplicity of the design. Most magazines just want you to buy more, more, more and this one shows you how to do more with less.

The hardest thing to do is to keep only what you need. I definitely didn’t need everything that was cluttering up my kitchen, my closet, my life! In their latest issue, they featured a few articles on closet makeovers. I might sound really lame but it made me ecstatic to clean and organize my own. It’s a good thing I started cleaning it out last weekend because I discovered that the air conditioner was leaking AGAIN! I hadn’t noticed it right away because some of Donavan’s clothes were right under the leak and were absorbing a lot of the liquid. Most of the clothes were washable but tragically, the dripping made its way down to my favorite leather boots. But, I laid them out for a few days to dry and I think they’re going to be ok.

So I had to work from home that Monday to make sure the maintenance crew came in to fix it. Ignacio was very efficient and cleared out the clog in the A/C unit and brought in a fan to dry everything out. They made me wait two days “to make sure everything is dry” before they came back on Wednesday to repair and repaint. The results were mediocre – I don’t think anything was actually replaced, just painted over with paint bubbles. But I didn’t really care – I just wanted to get everything back in my closet so it wasn’t spread all over the bedroom anymore. All summer I’m going to have to call them once a month to check the A/C as preventative maintenance.

Anyways, I HAD to have this 12-compartment Eco-Fabric Accessory Bag from the Container Store (was featured in one of the makeovers in the magazine). It has room for all my purses and sunglasses, belts and scarves that before were hung haphazardly throughout the closet. I love that it’s made from recycled materials and was rated 4/5 stars based on customer reviews. Yes. I also went to Target and bought a shoe organizer and a white Cubeical® shelf ON SALE (I already had some tan and purple boxes that were made for it). The shoe organizer were smaller than I expected; the cubbies cannot accomodate a pair of high heels, but I think it still functions ok.

Real Simple also recommended storing clothes in clear plastic containers so I picked some up also at Target for about $3 each to organize (and protect from future flooding) my pants, jeans and shorts. D had a flimsy black wire cube shelving system from his old place, so we recycled some of those into closet dividers. If I really wanted to put a cherry on top of this whole thing, I would want to put a cheerful coat of paint on the walls and paint the black wire and container lids to match, but I am already beyond happy with what I’ve already created. 🙂



2 responses

14 06 2011

i’m so impressed! and i love that you remembered to take before and after photos. love the tie rack!

15 09 2011
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