Out of Africa

7 07 2014

This makes me angry. No, it’s beyond angry – I am livid. This is the epitome of obnoxious American egotism, self-centeredness and false entitlement. 

This Kendall Jones idiot apparently spent a shit-ton of daddy’s dollars, went to Africa, shot a bunch of endangered species and then bragged about it on Facebook. Seriously, Africa has enough problems with poaching and corruption and that brat goes and glorifies it. How overinflated must your ego be to believe that you have the right to travel to a foreign country and just eradicate these animals. I’d predict some wicked Karma coming back to bite her in the ass later. I just can’t even fathom it. 

And of course while the internet is blowing up, some praising her “bravery”, some vilifying her for her “cowardice”, and then when Facebook rightfully removes her photos, who comes to rescue other than Fox News? Geez, what a bunch of pontificating, pretentious a-holes. HUNTING ENCOURAGES CONSERVATION THE SAME WAY SMOKING IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH.  

I am especially disgusted because I have been to Kenya and seen these beautiful creatures for myself. I saw elephants and zebras and cheetahs and a flash of a lion as it darted in front of our vehicle. I took pictures of them and even got to pet an endangered white rhino in a conservation park. 

African lions are very rapidly disappearing from the Eastern and Southern African plains, decreasing in number anywhere from 30-50% every 20 years. Besides hunting there’s habitat loss and inbreeding, which leads to genetic diseases and further decreases the population. Not to mention she killed a male lion, which depending on its age, could have mated with several females over the course of it’s remaining life and sire several more cubs.

Black rhinos are critically endangered with barely over 5,000 remaining in the wild. The white rhino was nearly extinct but has now grown to just over 20,000, primarily in South Africa. But, they are experiencing a poaching crisis since there is still the asinine demand for ivory in Asia. It’s 2014. When are those idiots going to realize that ivory has no magical nor medicinal powers – its made of keratin – the same stuff that makes up your fingernails. 

And the most beautiful creature that she so cowardly killed is the African leopard. This big cat has been consistently hunted for decades for it’s beautiful fur. It’s currently described as ‘near threatened’ today and their numbers continue to decline due to habitat loss and hunting for fur, sport or perceived livestock loss by locals.  

This bitch is the one who should be shot because there is certainly no shortage of spoiled, blonde brats wasting daddy’s money. Let’s do this Hunger Games-style and I’ll go all Katniss Everdeen on her ass and she’ll have an ass full of arrows. Or, just send her out into the African wilderness without her guns, her guides, her cell phone and the rest of her pathetic posse and see how long she lasts. Or, ya know, just wait a few decades for her to get fat and get diabetes and high cholesterol and have a heart attack like many other Americans. 

The only thing animals should be shot with is a camera. 




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