ROTD 06/22/14

22 06 2014

Woot! Another Review of the Day on Yelp.

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Yelp ROTD: Joy’s Roti Delight

29 11 2012

My first Review of the Day in Broward County.

I miss writing(/yelping). And South Beach. *Sigh*

Yelp ROTD | Atrio Restaurant in Miami

26 06 2012


Read the full review here.

Miranda’s Monthly Movie Reviews: Chronicle

7 02 2012

It’s like a YouTube version of X-men, with more hormones.

Teenage boys do exactly what you expect teenage boys to do with super powers once they acquire them. (Although how they do is never fully explained.) You have your typical high school archetypes: the popular jock, the bullied outcast and the slightly more mature non-conformist. The amateur, semi-documentary film style is reminiscent of movies like Cloverfield and Blair Witch, except the entire movie is ‘found footage‘ style, from the perspectives of the teens themselves. It was annoying at times, but made it seem a little more realistic. The special effects were still Hollywood-worthy, though.

The plot reminds me of a more condensed, less whimsical Harry Potter. The story of an outcast kid that’s relatively cheery at the beginning, add some magic, then progress to dark and angsty at the end, culminating in an epic battle. Definitely worth seeing in the theater at least once. 4/5 stars.

Moral of the story: Teenagers are too moody to have supernatural powers.