ROTD 06/22/14

22 06 2014

Woot! Another Review of the Day on Yelp.

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Yelp ROTD: Joy’s Roti Delight

29 11 2012

My first Review of the Day in Broward County.

I miss writing(/yelping). And South Beach. *Sigh*

Yelp ROTD | Atrio Restaurant in Miami

26 06 2012


Read the full review here.

ROTD: Hillstone

3 01 2012

Yay! Great way to start off the new year with a Review of the Day on Yelp:

ROTD for Spa V

22 10 2011

Yay! AnotherĀ Review of the Day on Yelp for the novel I wrote about Spa V at Hotel Victor! (Seriously, I think I had reached the character limit on this one and had to go back and edit a lot out. I wanted my correSPAndence to be thorough.)

Another ROTD

2 08 2011

Woo-Hoo! Another Review of the Day on Yelp, although I never thought it would be for this silly review I wrote for Pizza Bar.