The Ginger Binger

3 10 2012

Finally finished that video I meant to make a month and a half ago. Enjoy this short video of my sister’s bachelorette party in Nawlins!
Some of the pictures aren’t in focus, but nether was some of those crazy, fun nights! (I wrote more about the trip in this previous post.)

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24 09 2012


Having or showing the capacity to be full of puns : Wow, this ad campaign concept has so much puntential.


This Is What Happens In A World Without Creative Departments

18 09 2012

That terrifying little creature at the bottom is saying “thank you for saving my life.”

Poll Models?

24 08 2012

We really shouldn’t put any faith in who celebrities are voting for this November. Doesn’t matter if they’re Dems or Reps. They’re not like the rest of us normal folk.

No matter how high gas prices are, they still have 5 cars. And a yacht. Or a jet. No matter how crappy the economy is or how high taxes get, they still have millions of dollars. No matter how crappy the education system gets, they still send their kids to private school. Make sense?

The “1%” has been coming out of the woodwork to show support for Obama or Romney. (Any chance of them joining forces as Obomney?) It’s ridiculous that politics are so intentionally complicated, not unlike taxes and health insurance, so that even a yuppie like me with 6 years of school and two degrees has trouble sifting through all the layers of lies and crap.

So, please make up your own mind as best you can before you head to the polls. I think we’re all capable or making a more educated decision than Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian.

Back From the Big Easy

21 08 2012

I’ll just go ahead and say it. I wasn’t that impressed with New Orleans. It was like a cross between Austin and South Beach, with less attractive people. Everything was overpriced and smelled like cigarettes and/or weed, but I guess that’s because I generally didn’t stray very far from Bourbon Street.

Oh yea, and why did no one tell us the weather was going to be so crappy? I guess I should have figured it was the rainy season, since Miami and New Orleans are about on the same latitude. It totally rained more than it didn’t, but we didn’t let that stop us for the most part.

The reason for my trip was my sister’s bachelorette/going away party. Where is she going, you ask? To Switzerland, land of chocolate, cheese, shady bank accounts and gingers. Yep, her fiance has flaming red hair and freckles so naturally the weekend was referred to as Operation: Ginger Wed.

A total of five girls donned a bevy of bright orange wigs up and down the streets. We kind of felt like celebrities. People stared, gawked, shouted compliments, threw beads and even wanted to take pictures with us. It’s not like we were the only bachelorette party there. We saw at least a dozen others throughout the weekend, but I think we were the most creative. As head planner, I banned anything penis-shaped from this bachelorette celebration. It’s just trashy and stereotypical and lacks any ingenuity.

Anyways, we stayed at a little, old boutique place called the Dauphine Orleans. Yep – five girls, two beds. We made it work. We were well within stumbling distance of Bourbon Street, being only a block away. During one particularly monsoon-y period, we stayed inside and played this card game called Cards Against Humanity. It’s like the dark, effed-up version of Apples to Apples and it’s simultaneously gross and hilarious.

We enjoyed all kinds of music from street performers banging on empty buckets to proper, professional jazz musicians at Preservation Hall. Now, I’ve always heard how this place is supposed to be a Foodie Mecca, but being vegetarian and not eating seafood or super spicy things (curse you, reflux!) I know I can’t fully appreciate the place. Maybe we didn’t go to the right places, but I wasn’t that wowed by the food, either. It ranged from disappointing (Meals From The Heart at the Market) to surprisingly good (Ginger Lime), but most were mediocre (Oceana Grill, Cafe Du Monde.) And the Somethin’ Else Cafe is worth mentioning because they think it’s acceptable to put mozzarella, mayo and pesto on a vegan sandwich. (Yes I confirmed it was real cheese and stuff, not a weird substitute made out of tree bark or something.)

The most fun we had was the last night at a Karaoke Bar called The Cat’s Meow. We sang Wannabe as 5 Ginger Spice clones and I came so close to ripping the Union Jack flag hanging so temptingly on the wall behind the stage. It’s also where we met the only cute dude we saw in four days.

Anyways, I guess I played dual roles as bachelorette organizer and paparazzi because I took a couple thousand pictures with my 50 mm lens, intending to make somewhat of a stop-motion video detailing the trip because flipping through flickr albums gets old. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the pics:

OMG I Want One!

10 08 2012

It’s a slow loris, and its gotta be on cute steroids. I totally wanted one, until I read about them on Wikipedia and learned that they are endangered and one of their two biggest threats is wildlife trade (the other is habitat loss.) Poor things get their teeth cut or removed before being sold as pets since they have a toxic bite. No matter how cute they are, wild animals shouldn’t be mutilated and kept in cages for peoples’ amusement. I don’t want one anymore. 😥

Threee Thing’s That “Irk” Me

6 08 2012

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